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A model falls at Cavalera’s Sao Paolo Fashion Week Winter 2011 runway.Photo by Reuters

Gemma Ward opening Prada Spring/Summer 2015

Rumors of Gemma Ward’s comeback have been swirling ever since she signed with IMG Australia in January of last year. Despite receiving a showcard for Australian fashion week that spring, the model was a no-show, and hopes of a return slowly died down again. However, no one could have predicted that the supermodel would obliterate expectations by showing up in Milan and opening Prada’s spring/summer 2015 show.
Vogue Australia spoke exclusively to the Gemma on the eve of her return to the spotlight on how it feels being back. “Very different,” she told Zara Wong.
This is the first time Gemma has been back on the runway since 2008, and her first modelling appearance since the birth of her daughter Naia this past December. She says motherhood has improved her confidence. “I do feel a lot more confident in myself as a mother,” she said. “I felt ready to explore working again, I felt this is still a delicate time in Naia’s life, she’s still young but I felt ready and the opportunity came at the right time.”
And don’t expect Gemma to shy away from the spotlight again. IMG tweeted, “Don’t call it a comeback @Gem_Ward is here to stay!”
The model says she is now open to all kinds of work in the future. “Yes. Overseas. Here. Both. All. Any option. I think I’ll take the opportunities as they come- just celebrate it.”
I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.
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